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Own an Online Business ? Be careful.

November 21, 2007

You have to be very careful when trying to make money online as outlined by the link above. Always be aware of who you trust, and please see our tips and info.

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November 15, 2007

Hi James- 

Responses from yourphppro 

“If it is going via formmail to your boss and your boss is not
attending to it, that would be the first place to check for problems
with the script.

The second place to check would be to answer the questions in the
previous email.

As for what it would take for us to make the form automated ? The
stock version of the application is supposed to be automated – not
withstanding any changes that have been done to the application. So,
there isn’t anything necessary to make it ‘automated’.

One more thing to check – in addition to the items in the previous
email – is to log into the admin area of the application and see if
entries are being saved into the database. If that is so, then the
problem is with the server and sending out the emails.

As for documentation, sorry, there is none.


“Try checking the error log file and/or the apache log file to see if
any errors are displayed there. Check the php.ini file to make sure
PHP can send emails through the server. Feel free to send me the URL
for the admin area along with the admin username/password and I’ll
login to see if I can figure out what the problem is. Also, feel free
to send me FTP information and I’ll connect via FTP to view the
apache log/error files.”


November 13, 2007

Hi Robert,  The roi template I showed you before is below in case you need to see or use it.

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Outsourcing outsourcing, or plain spin

November 12, 2007

To avoid criticism of offshore outsourcing ahead of the US election, Indian outsourcers have come up with the spiel that they are in fact creating jobs in the US. They are on more solid ground if they focus on the competitiveness US companies have got from offshore outsourcing to India.

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