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Bands and Singers that suck ( Nickelback, Kanye, Matchbox 20, Theory of a Deadman, etc :p )

August 14, 2009

James Blunt, Deathcab for Cutie, Theory of a Deadman – I gave Daughtry their own post. Nickelback has about 2 good songs that I can think of including their very 1st popular single. I know some of these bands have some good points or maybe 1 good song somewhere but I just mean that many of their songs seem consistently bad as a whole. I guess I can give them kudos for being able to pay instruments or something. Kanye, well as a whole I’d say his music is pretty poor, if you can label some of his songs that. I’m so over John Mayer.

2 of these bands above are candadian but for a good canuck band listen to the less known band Default – I’ll even allow Avril’s last album. Imho, Daughtry only did good on hemorrhage and 1 collabo with sevendust. Kudos to these bands on “somehow” making it big though. Ok I’m done.
Finally Greenday has 1 good song since the nineties – “21” 🙂 . I realize these are all opinions since musical preference cannot be quantified and that this is partially controversial search engine food.