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Paydotcom Affiliate Program / Instant Article Wizard

February 11, 2011

I discovered Paydotcom’s Website last year after reluctantly using Jonathan Leger’s “The Best Spinner” , I was pretty impressed with the software and started referring it to people.  Paydotcom is really good too and I’ve even made some profit from it so far.  I’m looking into more of Jon’s products like the Instant Article Wizard and Instant Article Factory next, they look pretty promising.

I’m reviewing more sites to make money online and for ecommerce .  Check back for updates.


Franchise Consultant Company of America

June 3, 2008

I met the owner of this site last month and really like the business plan.

Franchise Consultant Company of America will help you to start a new business. Their goal is to help you find the business that is right for you. They want you to be happy and succesful in your decision. Visit their site for more details