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Coderxo Scripts For Sale

April 11, 2017

                               Scripts written by

Cash Envoy IDC
Woocommerce Kunaki Integration
Interspire Pin payments
Woocommerce Smartfreight
Woocommerce Mygate
Woocommerce Bookings
Cart 66 Payment Wall
Jvzoo Cancel Chron
Stanbic Wpdeposit
Woocommerce Krollftp
Woocommerce Gateway Intersecure
Woocommerce Custom Stock status
Woocommerce Webgains Integration
Woocommerce Infusionsoft Discount

$50 per script

More to come…

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IPhone / IPad Development

January 16, 2011

Learning to create IPhone and IPad web and other applications is an extremely fast growing field and this primer will provide some details on getting started. Naturally, the main difference between IPhone and IPad apps is that IPad applications must use a larger screen resolution. iPhone OS apps are mostly officially licensed and sold from the Apple Store although hacks are available to install unauthorized applications.

Figure: iPhone OS technology layers

IPhone, IPod Touch and Ipad applications run on the IPhone OS and can be developed using IPhone SDK and Objective-C, C/C++ can also be used – the SDK contains Xcode templates to help beginners get started. Most User apps use the Foundation and UIKit frameworks at the top level Cocoa touch layer of the IPhone OS (above). Other tecnology layers in the IPhone OS include the Media and lower level Core OS and Core services and require some more advanced programming.

Tips for Getting Started

Visit the IPhone OS Developer site
View the related iPhone iPad Programming guides
Download the IPhone SDK
Prepare your Objective-C or C/C++ programming environment.
Make some simple apps with the Xcode templates.
Move on the advanced tutorials.

DemosSoft IT – Interactive Flash Map and other products.

October 6, 2010

A great way to display your address(es) on a live flash Map. Use contact page on the site for inquiries.

See Screenshot

iPhone Security and products like the iSecure Mobi App.

July 9, 2010

The iPhone 4 is out and like previous versions it’s creating lots of buzz with most of it being positive. What protection do consumers have though if they lose their iPhone and it is found by someone with less than honorable intentions ? Software products like the iSecure Mobi App available on iTunes for $4.99 claim to provide advanced security and information encryption filing for data, contacts, images, storage and much more. iSecure Mobi lists features like Dept of Defense AES 256 encryption, events calendar, multiple storage vaults, categories and folders, backup, browsing support, mulitple user accounts, easy logon buttons and data self destruct after multple failed login attempts. The obvious advantage of apps like iSecure is that they can provide a layer of protection if you lose your iPhone or are a victim of a hacking attempt., because your important information is hidden and encrypted.

One likable feature of iSecure is the simple secure and personal “buttons Logon” method as shown in the image at the far bottom. Since it seems numerous lawsuits, investigations and corporate probes these days are based on digital information found on cell phones, computers and other devices, cheap apps like the iSercure Mobi look like a good buy, especially if you have private, sensitive or corporate data on your iPhone. Furthermore, if you ever need it, iSecure offers the option to create and logon to different User accounts and even sub Vaults on iSecure to store different sets of data and save. Another great feature is the Favorites list where you can quickly access those frequently need bits of info.
It is generally accepted that the previous versions of the Apple iPhone could use some improvement on its data encryption and security. Until that time, cheap, easy secure logon and information encryption apps like iSecure will probably be the best way to secure your iPhone data and prevent it from falling in the wrong hands.

iSecure   Mobi – iPhone App

Online Biometric Security using products like Ardeun Authenticator.

July 9, 2010

Biometric Security is the use of human features like voice, facial recognition, retina scan and fingerprints to verify the identity of a user instead of typing passwords. The technology has been around for many years but suprisingly is now available for use on the web and ecommerce thanks to products like the Ardeun Authenticator. Ardeun Authenticator allows members of a website or network to login using various Biometric devices like finger scanners, web cams, microphones, thumb print mouses and Geoplot (TM) a feature for users who don’t have these Biometric devices. Biometric authentication is used regularly by the government but can now offer the same security for ecommerce and many other industries by applying simple ASP or PHP code snippets to an existing site or computer.

Ardeun decribes their product as the safest and easiest online biometric product and far superior to password protected sites with 256 bit encryption on all it’s offered devices and software. Most of Ardeun’s products are offered as software as a service (SaaS) in the Cloud. Once the code snippet is added to a site and a biometric device is scanned, the Ardeun Monitor server remotely verifies identity and allows or refuses access to the user. One advantage of biometric authentication is that it can also require multiple layers of identification before access which can be a good thing, digital/web crime is a long term problem with more and more sophisticated methods appearing daily. Biometric products like Ardeun leave very little or no room for error in identity verification.

Basically with a good microphone or web cam you can actually set up your own biometric Ardeun login for your web store or site. The Ardeun site also offers a full list of specialized Ardeun devices like fingerprint smart card readers, microphones and Biometric software like the iWallet IE plugin that saves your passwords and works with their various devices. With this sort of simple commercial platform, biometric security is definitely starting to look like a viable future approach to secure identity verification.

Affiliates needed : Paid commissions for new web hosting signups/customers.

April 13, 2010

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How to Make Money Online by Selling on sites like Amazon and Freelancing (Kindle Edition)

December 13, 2009

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Making money online is usually a long, time consuming process, you may have to use it as part-time income as you grow – it may never really be a great full-time income. Don’t pay anyone large sums that promise you millions, it is likely a scam. Many online income sources can be done for free so avoid paying any large fees to start your online business.

DemosSoft Shopping – Buy Cell Phones, Electronics, Books, Computer, Video games, Toys and more.

October 16, 2009

DemosSoft Shopping – Buy Cell Phones, Electronics, Books, Computer, Video games, Toys and more.

Bands and Singers that suck ( Nickelback, Kanye, Matchbox 20, Theory of a Deadman, etc :p )

August 14, 2009

James Blunt, Deathcab for Cutie, Theory of a Deadman – I gave Daughtry their own post. Nickelback has about 2 good songs that I can think of including their very 1st popular single. I know some of these bands have some good points or maybe 1 good song somewhere but I just mean that many of their songs seem consistently bad as a whole. I guess I can give them kudos for being able to pay instruments or something. Kanye, well as a whole I’d say his music is pretty poor, if you can label some of his songs that. I’m so over John Mayer.

2 of these bands above are candadian but for a good canuck band listen to the less known band Default – I’ll even allow Avril’s last album. Imho, Daughtry only did good on hemorrhage and 1 collabo with sevendust. Kudos to these bands on “somehow” making it big though. Ok I’m done.
Finally Greenday has 1 good song since the nineties – “21” 🙂 . I realize these are all opinions since musical preference cannot be quantified and that this is partially controversial search engine food.

Facebook in investor spotlight, but values vary | Reuters

July 2, 2009

“Facebook in investor spotlight, but values vary Reuters — SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – For Facebook’s employees and early investors, the big payday is coming. But it will not follow the standard Silicon Valley script. Instead of cashing out via the hoopla”