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How to Make Money Online by Selling on sites like Amazon and Freelancing (Kindle Edition)

December 13, 2009

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Making money online is usually a long, time consuming process, you may have to use it as part-time income as you grow – it may never really be a great full-time income. Don’t pay anyone large sums that promise you millions, it is likely a scam. Many online income sources can be done for free so avoid paying any large fees to start your online business.


Outsourcing outsourcing, or plain spin

November 12, 2007

To avoid criticism of offshore outsourcing ahead of the US election, Indian outsourcers have come up with the spiel that they are in fact creating jobs in the US. They are on more solid ground if they focus on the competitiveness US companies have got from offshore outsourcing to India.

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Online Tutoring, Tutors, Freelance auctions, Getafreelancer, Rentacoder.

October 20, 2007

Global Online tutoring / Tutors and outsourcing are very popular now. Freelancers like DemosSoft IT and other rentacoder providers, webmasters, programmers and writers, tutors, make money online often. The above site even offered tutoring and outsource tips and links to successful freelance sites. I’d like to try online tutoring, any suggestions ?

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